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. >> at the white house, with president obama called other heads of state and the aides met for two hours in the situation room, u.s. policy emerged more clearly, centered on individual and multilateral sanctions. weapons embargo and asset freezes. at the same time, secretary of state clinton ordered suspension of all operations at the u.s. embassy in tri poe lie and 19 officers in the building with spirited out of the country on chartered flight to istanbul. a top aide explained what triggered the decision. >> chaos in the street, gunfire begin. >> they have lost control over swath of the country in the east where the opposition figures are forming the ad hoc committee to restore law and order signaled most oil contracts will be upheld. the obama administration made clear the u.s. has yet to open up its own dialogue with the libyan rebels who may run the country. >> i'm not aware of the discussions that we may be having with different folks in libya. >> we have had discussions with other leaders who have been in touch with opposition figures. >> the u.n. human rights council voted to con
. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: president obama insists he is running the government more like a business. we get live reaction from the head of largest business group that hosted the president today. republican governors want the president to make big changes to his healthcare law. another european leader says multiculturalism has failed. live from our studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening, i'm bret baier. part of president obama's post election perceived move to the center has been the adaptation of a more business friendly image. today that new approach took him a short walk from the white house. to the very heart of pro-business territory. white house kept mike emanuel tells us how it went. arp after a bumpy two years with the business community, president obama flanked by the new chief of business advisor headed to the chamber of commerce to ask companies to "get in the game." >> as we work with you to mak america a better place to do business, i am hoping all of you are thinking what you can do for america. ask yourself what is you can do
report." good evening, i'm bret baier. we are learning more about president obama's upcoming budget request that is now just days away. it includes the usual and the unusual. specifically, a way to allow states to replenish their strained unemployment insurance funds. but who is going to pay the bill? white house correspondent mike emanuel looks for some answers. >> reporter: vice president biden rode amtrak train to sell the administration's plan to spend $60 million in six careers on high-speed rail. $8 million will be part of the budget plan released on monday. still, biden says the 2012 budget will reflect the administration's spending on cutting spending. >> it is going to hurt, hurt a lot of things we care about. but we have to get it under control. >> the new budget is also going to propose helping the 30 states from california to wisconsin to new york. which borrowed more than $42 billion from washington to cover their tapped unemployment funds. the taxes would take effect in 2014, and sources say they could generate up to $100 billion over a decade by collecting more payrol
obama's comments on the situation, but we begin with correspondent mike tobin live in madison. good evening. >> reporter: capital grounds are swarming with people, putting pressure on scott walker. 14 democrats, however, are missing. those are the state senators that crossed state lines to prevent passage of the budget repair bill. components of the weakened collective bargaining the essence of union strength. >> this is what a governor gets when he threatens the power of the union. >> in a state where teachers' salaries and benefits total to more than $87,000 per year, 2.7% higher than the national average they understand the need to ante up for health care and a pension but the collective bargain they say is untouchable. >> i'm still willing to take the pay cuts but what i'm scared about we don't know where it will end. because all of our protection electing gone. >> scott walker wants the state legislature to pass a bill that would end the collective bargaining rights for public employees and in turn, increase their healthcare and pension payments. he says it will help ease the s
they're in good condition now. and they are in safe hands. president obama today asked for an assist from almighty in the egypt situation. white house correspondent wendell goler reports the administration has much more earthly explanation for the chaos. >> at the national prayer breakfast, president obama's thoughts were with the people of egypt. >> we pray the violence in egypt will end and that the rights and aspiration of the egyptian people will be realized. that a better day will dawn over egypt. >> the administration officials said egypt's government appears responsible for violence against protesters and journalists. whether or not the orders came from mubarak himself. >> this is a violation that guarantees freedom of the press. unsemblable under any circumstances. >> secretary clinton spokeman called wednesday a bad day for egypt. they question the military limiting violence separating the pro and anti-mubarak demonstrators. >> broadly speaking, military played important and constructive role in being stabilizing force on the ground. >> many specialist -- military specialist
time. >> bret: president obama says the whole world is watching what happens in egypt. we'll have live reports from cairo and the white house. islam's supreme leader forecast islamic revolution in egypt. we look at what it might mean. new unemployment figures report a lowest jobless rate, but few new jobs. live from the studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. president obama today warned egypt that violence including attacks on protesters and journalists is unacceptable. and said he was encouraged by the restraint shown today. it was, in fact, a day largely free of conflict on the streets as parties elsewhere laid out various scenarios for a transition of power. correspondent leland vittert begins coverage live from cairo where it's 1 serz a.m good morning, leland -- 1:00 a.m good morning, leland. >> reporter: good morning from cairo. day 11 of the protest. protesters said with the deadline for president mubarak to step down from office. that hasn't happened. state tv shows pictures behind me of the protesters still in the square. nobody knows wher
own people . president obama signals a willingness to give a little on health care and wisconsin's governor said it is time for a budget deal or lay offs. live from our studio in washington, this is a special report. good evening i am bret baier. as libya leader qaddafi defies ordering air strikes. we have new reports was fighting in streets of lib yampt they are trying to expand control of the country. president and un ambassador seemed to kick american diplomacy to apply more pressure to qaddafi as the violence escalated. the libyan leader laughed off a interview about stepping down. amateur video and date and location unknown and depicted continued fighting in libya streets in eastern towns site of a fierce battle for control of the airport won by the rebels. protestors can see seen. the qaddafi regime bombed the rebel. forces could be seen massing and moammar qaddafi maintained a tight grip. >> police demand more from the dictators son. >> support and arms are on the way and everything is fine. we are going to be victorous. >> in geneva secretary clinton announced a plan to a
're looking live at the white house where in a few minutes, president obama is expected to make a statement about the situation in egypt. the streets of egypt is filled with a mixture of celebration and frustration at this hour this video is believed to be the first violence of the day in alexandria. you can see the protesters here throwing rocks and tanks moving about. after the announcement by president hosni mubarak that he will leave office, but not until later this year. trillion i did notrillion i >> i did not intend to run for a third term because i spent my life serving egypt, but now, i am completely keen on concluding my work for the nation in a fashion that guarantees passing responsibility and flag in safe egypt to preserve the constitution and legitimacy. >> glenn: the promise culminates a week of massive protest around the country. with ebegin our coverage with cargreg palkot live in the egyptian capital it's good morning there, greg. >> reporter: hey, bret. if mubarak was hoping for endorsement from the street, he didn't get it. watching the statement on a jumbo tv screen, th
president obama see it differently. he told a local reporter, quote, some of what i heard coming out of wisconsin where you are making public employees to collective bargain generally seems like an assault on unions and it's very important to understand that public employees they are neighbors and friends. >> when asked, whether he was taking sides? >> he expressed his opinion directly. >> shannon: one official says the dnc has been organizing rallies activatelogy phone backs to lobby lawmakers. the bill exempts local firefighters, police officers and members of the wisconsin state patrol but can it could have a major impact on teachers who have been adding force. >> as much as the economics is important our ability to defend our students' right to fair education is on the line. >> dnc is involved in a similar show down playing out in ohio. they urged them dnc to suspend tactics. this is not the way you begin an adult conversation. >> brett: much more on this on the panel. >>> back here in washington, congress is considering cuts to federal spending. that is prompting howlswls from o
. and president obama quipped, "i am sure that him having worked so well with me will be a great asset in any republican primary." we are now a year away from the iowa caucuses. the traditional beginning of the presidential primary test. it's not too early for some perspective candidates to start laying the groundwork for iran. correspondent steve brown report that include old-fashioned name calling. >> not quite yet a presidential candidate, he sounded like one on cranking up the rhetoric on president obama. >> he's chick on the address the issue. >> he is a rarity in iowa. tim pawlenty one of the few candidates that hired iowanses to start preparing for 2012 first presidential contest. at this point before the 2008 g.o.p. nomination race, there were six declared candidates building iowa organizations. >> a different dynamic occurred with the candidates. they brought in the past. the name i.d. is high. >> others are well known giving them more time to hire political field hands here. >> in some respect the race is frozen until the well-known people like huckabee and palin and romney make cl
mountain of government red tape and send his challenge of president obama's healthcare law to the top. chief political correspondent carl cameron maps out the plan and the opposition. >> we can't waste more time on symbolic. >> they petitioned the u.s. supreme court for expedited consideration of his state's constitutional challenge to the obama healthcare law. >> this is an extraordinary remedy but a case that fids their qualifications it's within their discretion whether they skip the appellate court. >> after showing the case is of imperative importance to devate from normal appellate practice. so far, 28 states filed federal lawsuits and two district courts ruled it unconstitutional and and two ruled it constitutional. last month, the obama justice department filed a joint motion for expedited consideration of the virginia case. fourth circuit court of appeals, "the constitutionality of the affordable care act has public policy implication of the highest magnitude." but the administration shown little interest to skip the appellate level to go to the supreme court. the constitutio
. >> president obama defends his budget saying he took a scapel to the spending and not a machete and the president says his administration got egypt just about right but what about iran? live from our studio in washington. this the special report. >> shannon: good evening, i'm shannon bream in for brett baier. the president held a news conference to try to drum of support for just released budget proposal which has been criticized for not a plan dealing with entitlements. carl cameron reports on what republican lawmakers plan to do about the entitlement issue but we begin with white house correspondent mike emanuel on the sales pitch. >> the morning after his $3.7 trillion budget was released he held a news conference to defend it. >> the first step is to make sure we are stabilizing the current situation. >> he has taken a great deal of heat by not offering plans for bloated entitlements and medicare and medicaid. he is not trying to wait out the republicans. >> this is not a matter of you go first or i go first but everybody having a serious conversation about where we want to
spending cuts. president obama huddles with senate democrats over his new budget proposal and a man many would like to see running for president makes an impression here in d.c. live from the studio in washington. this is special report. >> brett: good good evening. the ballot how to save your money is getting tougher. federal government's balance sheet is getting lower as the days tip down toward a major deadline. carl cameron is watching the fiscal carnage on capitol hill. good evening. >> reporter: in the quest to cut more than $60 billion from current spending congress today approved an amendment that would de-fund a back up engine for the ficht 35 joint fighter jet. it could cost a lot of jobs and would save more than $3 billion over the next couple of years on a jet engine the pentagon said they didn't want in the first place. >> when it comes to cutting programs by democrats, the left is fighting back from those that jobs could be lost. >> this is deeper than what we have faced before. >> reporter: democrats blasted the plan to eliminate the budget for corporation for public broad
different egypt. thank you. >>> clearly relieved president obama reacted to the news this afternoon. white house correspondent mike emanuel tells us what he said. >> reporter: after a roller coaster ride of events in the middle east, left a long-time dictator and ally of the united states topple from power, president obama praised the egyptian people for the way they change the course of their country. >> it was the moral force of non-violence, not terrorism, not mindless killing. but non-violence. moral force. that bent the arc of history toward justice once more. >> reporter: he expressed the significance of a shared experience. >> there are very few moments in our lives where we have the privilege to witness history taking place. >> reporter: yesterday, the president made the same observation and definitely got ahead of the event in egypt. >> what is absolutely clear we are witnessing history unfold. >> reporter: in the morning, c.i.a. director leon panetta said there is a strong likelihood that mubarak would step down that evening and in an hour, walk back the statement. spokesperson f
, this is special reports. >> president obama unveiled a $3.75 trillion budget he is billing as tough choices and sacrifices. republicans are calling it a timid. carl cameron has reaction from capitol hill but we begin with mikepa manual on the budget rollout. >> president obama's visited baltimore middle school to highlight the budget, more spending on education, also on transportation and infrastructure while trying to get a handle on expenses elsewhere. >> the only way we can make investments in our future, the government has to live within its evens. we need to take responsibility for our deficits. >> the budget unveiled today projects a deficit of $1.1 trillion in 2012 and would not stabilize the deficit until 2017. it does aim to reduce the deficit by one trillion dollars and five-year freeze on non-discretionary programs. >> still has as we cut waste and inefficiency, it will require tough choices. >> reporter: it does address looming en titles social security and medicaid. >> one thing the budget doesn't do make tough choices. it's hard to see if it makes any tough choices and more. >
by white house officials throughout the day. >> reporter: with president obama traveling to michigan on a pre-scheduled day trip, white house aides chose their words carefully. the president was briefed in the oval office by national security advisor and watched developments on air force one. as the events were still unfolding, president obama in marquette, michigan, spoke to the magnitude of the moment. >> is what absolutely clear, we are witnessing history unfold. the moment of transformation that is taking place because the people of egypt are calling for change. >> reporter: and mr. obama spoke about the young people of egypt who have mobilized and demanded a transformation of their government. >> we want those young people and all egyptians to know that america will continue to do everything we can to support and orderly and genuine transition to demgz in egypt. >> reporter: as the events evolved in egypt, from the american perspective, experts say there is a real dilemma with these types of events. >> the administration is in an awkward position. we don't want to prop out the d
divide is trade. the administration point man on that says president obama will send a deal with south korea to congress soon but the republicans are not satisfie mike emanuel tells us why. >> on capitol hill, the trade representative tried to sell lawmakers on administration commitment to free trade. ambassador ron kirk said they need adjustment. >> colombia and panama have begun to take important steps and we think it's a good signal but more remains to be done. the issues are different. in coalmost byia, there -- colombia, there is long-standing concerns. >> after lunch at the white house with the president, speaker boehner said the house is ready to move forward on free trade now. >> there is a lot of support for south korea. but also quite a bit of support for colombia and panama. it is clear there is an interest to move all three and the sooner the better. >> monday, president mentioned the korea free trade deal once ratified by congress would sustain 70,000 american jobs. >> that is the kind of deal i'll look for as we pursue trade agreements with panama and columbia and work to
news alert. president obama spoke out about libya an hour ago and called the bloodshed outrageous and unacceptable and said he will look at a full range of options to respond. white house correspondent wendell goler has details. >> reporter: in his first on-camera comment about the libyan crisis since it began, president obama insisted the violence against the people of that country come to an end. >> the suffering and bloodshed is outrageous and it's unacceptable. so are threats and orders to shoot protesters and further punish people of libya. >> reporter: the president has been underfire from conservatives, including sarah palin, a potential challenger in 2012 for not commenting earlier in a crisis in a facebook posting palin said, "now is the time to speak out for the long-suffering libyan people." while other countries have been able to evacuate some of their citizens the u.s. has not been able to dock a chartered ferry to tri poe lie until today. and they made it clear that the president is focused on the passengers. >> the safety of american citizens is obviously a concern
goler is covering reaction. >> with many egyptians rejecting mubarak's transition timetable. obama doesn't like it either. >> the time for transition has come and the time is now. the egyptian people need to see change. >> robert gibbs wouldn't air is what the next step should be beyond a retreat from violence. he found the images coming out of cairo outrageous. he issued a warning. >> obviously if any of the violence is instigated by the government it should stop immediately. >> reporter: at the state department. secretary clinton hosted all the ambassadors. >> we are all in uncharted territory. that requires us to be more nimble, more innovative and more accountable than ever before. >> later the group heard from admiral mike mullen who was meeting with the egyptian counterpart when the crisis erupted. he kept in regular contact. since the military is egypt's most effective institution with over a billion dollars in aid received. >> there are some people that is calling for mubarak immediate departure. i don't think that is rise. because there are comrades in the military that will rem
?lv >> shannon: before the battle over president obama's budget begins in earnest there is something else to take care of. a chief correspondent reports on paying the bills right now. >> reporter: there is something far more pressing for the budget next fiscal year that begins in october. it's the lack of a budget for year and republicans want to cut now and not later. >> we are not waiting for the next year. we are doing it now. we'll be on the floor cutting more than a hundred billion dollars. >> reporter: the government and agencies are operating on what they are calling a continuing resolution that authorizes them to spend at current levels. five months in the budget year they can't take back money already being spent making the cuts difficult. the cuts are sweeping and painful. >> when we do our budget analysis, it should be done with a scapel, like a surgeon would approach it, not with meat axe. >> that spending educates our children, promotes our health and commerce and building the economy. >> democrats raled argued they are job killers but differ on the numbers. >> we estimate it will cu
have based a $40 billion cuts on president obama's larger budget but since congress never passed the budget they say the democrats overstate the signs of their cuts, as well. >> if you want to make your cuts look big, do them relative to the president. >> congress has taken a week off in observance of presidents' day. the current bill expires march 4th but there is little sense of urgency about the prospect of a government shutdown. >> we're not looking for a government shutdown and negotiations and short term extensions is my guess. >> they want to avoid the repeat of 1995-1996 government shut down and republicans got the blame. but at the party activists is taking the pa blame for another shutdown. >> house speaker says he doesn't want a government shutdown but he won't agree to a temporary spending bill mean the shutdown may depend on how much they cut when congress gets back. >> brett: a suicide bombing in northern afghanistan killed at least 30 people at a government office. noontime attack wounded 40. many of the people that were hit were in line to obtain government identi
reaction genocide and injected the libyan representative from their meeting in cairo. but the obama administration appeared reluctant to criticize colonel muammar gaddafi by name. president obama has not spoken publicly about libya. nor did the state department spokesman address it until 15 minutes into the daily briefing. >> finally, secretary of state hillary clinton spoke. >> government of libya bears responsibility for what is occurring and must take action to end the violence. >> u.s. officials are concerned about the 35 state department employees and their families who they are trying to evacuate right now. they don't want an iranian hostage crisis. gaddafi is the godfather of modern terrorism. he blew up a discotheque in 1986. libyan agents blew up pan am flight 103. in 2003, gaddafi turned over his weapons of mass destruction fearing he was next on the american hit list after saddam hussein. the u.s. state department then took libya off the list of state sponsors of terrorism. the only man held for pan am 103 bombing was returned to libya by scottish authorities because he w
at the white house, smacking the obama administration with a big fat lawsuit. governor brewer is here. >> president mubarak talks to his nation that backfired big time. it has enraged protesters. he insists he won't step down. ambassador bolton is here. >> you will see it yourself, a live report from cairo egypt. t . not $90... not >> greta: a lot of disappointment in egypt tonight. president mubarak confused his people. he announced he's transfering power to the country's vice president but keeping his title in the process. a move being met with much resistance by the protesters who were expecting president mubarak to announce he was leaving. now the protesters are angrier and fired up more than ever. is there really a transfer of power to the vice president? john bolton joins us. do you have any clue what is going on? >> i think they've studied the greta van susteren interpretation of the egyptian constitution and realized if he actually resigned the presidency would have to go to the speaker of the parliament. he has stepped aside or said he is so vice president suleiman could take
your own new committees? you can do that. >> reporter: at the white house where president obama consulted by phone with the british prime minister and french president, spokesman dismissed the claims that the troubles are the work of foreign powers! colonel gaddafi had tried to insurgent that the united states is behind the uprising. he is searching for someone else to blame. >> reporter: wednesday, revolution's tenth day, president obama said he ordered the aid to present him with the full range of options. even up to military action including no-fly zone over libya to shield protesters by further attack by the regime. >> military is involved in the discussion and doing its own thinking about omss that can be presented to the president. >> among the many worries, they impose is possible disruption in oil supply to iran desire to exploit the chaos, there is the question of the whereabout and security of the chemical weapons related material in gaddafi's possession following the decision to shut down wmd programs in 2003. >> there are some chemical weapons and related materials t
president george w. bush. >> has president obama spoken to bush about this? >> i don't believe he has but he was notified. >> it was said he e-mailed instructions to himself how to convert cellular phone to detonator and prepare a boobytraped vehicle. he wrote in the journal after 9/11 when he was nine years old osama bin laden's speeches inspired him to carry out jihad. when he described how he wanted a scholarship, it allowed him to live in the u.s. "now after mastering the english language, learning to build explosives and target for the infidel americans, it's time for jihad." law enforcement sources said it came from the public, not an f.b.i. sting operation. what worries the officials most is that he is self-radicalized, operating alone and not part of a larger terrorist network in washington, catherine herridge, fox news. >> bret: toyota is recalling more than 2 million vehicles in the u.s. because of problems with floormat and carpeting near about accelerator pedals. meantime, general motors say it posted $4.7 billion profit last year. the first time in the black since 2004. applicat
requested transfer to iraq and afghanistan. stroum was a major campaign donor to president obama and she says she filed rebuttal from the internal review that found her 18 months as ambassador to be a disaster they cited their personality conflict and questionable expenditures on travel, wine, i willquer what started out as largely peaceful demonstration in egypt turned ugly last week. some of the ugliness was aimed at foreign journalists. two fox news employees were injuried. senior national correspondent john roberts in london gets a first-hand account of what happened. >> the main street was a total war zone. there was smoke, rocks being thrown, molotov cocktails. it was flames. it was live fire. i got grabbed. >> i thought that moment i thought okay, i'm really now in trouble. >> you know, it was immediately sort of four or five people grabbing hold of you. >> the whole time you're pummeled with open hand, with fists, with sticks, with we're told rocks. don't think metal bars. principally going for the head again and again and again. the head was the target. >> i've got two really go
Search Results 0 to 39 of about 40 (some duplicates have been removed)